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Holborn is excited to announce the winners of the 2019-2020 HOLBORN Scholarship Award; a scholarship to help young African Students work toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at any US/Canada University or College.

The six award winners were selected from a highly competitive pool of more than 400 students seeking scholarships currently enrolled in high schools and universities within Africa . Because most Africans are ineligible for US /Canadian federal financial aid, many are often forced to postpone their education goals. Holborn Scholars Foundation gives less priviledged students the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams.

Our six 2020 award winners are:

Shilaho Eric, Kenya    Susan Oleiwuke, Nigeria    Landú Wilson Angola   Noxolo Mthembu South Africa     Gabriel Sibomana, Rwanda                              Faisal Abubakar, Nigeria


“I am very pleased to be selected for the Holborn Scholarship,” stated one recipient, Susan Olewuike from Nigeria “I intend to use my degree to work in Canada and serve my community by sharing my experience with other AFRICANS like me.”


“We are very proud of our scholarship students,” said Dorothy, Executive Director of Holborn who envisioned the scholarship as a solution for academically sound students who cannot afford basic education in 2017, we also discovered that many otherwise-qualified young people were not eligible for financial aid due to their immigration status. “It was very hard decision for our committee. We congratulate this year’s six winners and look forward to helping them with their education though financial assistance and mentorship.”

As part of the program, scholarship recipients will be paired with mentors to help them build professional networks in their intended fields as well as providing guidance throughout their college/university experience. Additionally, mentors help prepare students for the workforce and develop the soft skills employers look for when making hiring decisions.

Questions about the HOLBORN Scholarship can be directed to Dorothy Smith Executive Director or Director of Administration.

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