Canada needs skilled professionals like you!

One of the hallmarks of the Canadian Immigration system, and Canadian Society as a whole, is that we value prospective immigrants like you and your family. We bring hardworking people into our country and reward them with Canadian Permanent Residence (PR). A Canadian PR Card, which is similar to a US Green Card, allows the holder to live anywhere in Canada and work in any job they wish. It is also a gateway to Canadian Citizenship!

What is express entry:

The Express Entry system is a new way that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is managing the intake of applications for the Federal Skilled Worker program, the Federal Skilled Trades program and the Canadian Experience Class program as of Jan 1st, 2015. Processing times to receive your Canadian Permanent Residence Visa under Express Entry are quoted as low as 6 months!

How does it work:

In brief, applicants submit an Expression of Interest form to IRCC summarizing their skills and credentials. Following submission, applicants are entered into a pool of individuals with similar career backgrounds. Whether you rank higher or lower in your pool will completely depend on how you present your initial application.
The highest ranking candidates will periodically be pulled from the pool and invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Canadian employers:

One of the more interesting aspects of the Express Entry system is the role that Canadian employers can now play in the immigration process. Part of the new Express Entry system asks that you create a profile on Government of Canada’s official Job Bank database. This allows employers, who cannot find a suitable Canadian to fill a position, the ability recruit an individual from the pool of prospective applicants waiting to immigrate to Canada. If a Canadian employer offers you a job, it can increase your rank in the Express Entry pool, increasing your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residence. In this way, the Canadian employer is sponsoring your application and therefore your file could be fast tracked through the system. That said, if the employer wants you here sooner they can apply for a dual intent work permit and also sponsor your application for Canadian Permanent Residence. A Labour Market Impact Assessment will need to be done if they wish to sponsor you for permanent residence regardless of whether or not they are also applying for a Canadian Work Permit to get you here faster.