Counselling services that go way beyond the typical agent system
Holborn Education’s student placement services are often associated with those of an educational agent. While we are certified by the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), we believe that our placement model is the next step forward in the evolution of the student placement field.

Focus on Match

In our distinctive model, the focus is on creating the perfect match between student and institution. The institutions within our portfolio provide a broad sampling of the Canadian higher education system. Our professional counsellors work with prospects and their families to assess each individual student and, using sophisticated matching techniques, recommend a short list of ideal schools within our portfolio. By partnering with us, these institutions have demonstrated their interest in the exact type of student with which we are pairing them.

Continued Student Guidance

Once the student and his or her family endorse Holborns recommendations, the counsellors work with them to prepare the applications and guide them through the documents and work needed to continue through the process. Following admission, the counsellors prepare them for the visa process and coach them on pre-departure and the early days of campus life.
Our goal is to find you the best students for your needs and ensure that they arrive ready to succeed to graduation.
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