Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (Pnp) Are Ideal For Four Types Of Candidates:

Individuals who have recently, or are currently, working in Canada on a valid work permit.

Candidates who have an expression of interest application already submitted to the Express Entry pool AND meet the eligibility criteria for an existing PNP program. These specific types of PNP programs select applicants from the federal Express Entry pool based on their qualifications or if they have in-demand work experience.

Applicants that have some connection to the province they are applying to. This connection could be studies in that province or the candidate has a formal job offer from a Canadian employer.

In some cases, a family member can assist your sponsorship under a PNP program but there are many other requirements that must be met. Simply having a family member is not sufficient to make you eligible.

Express Entry controls the intake of some PNPs, while other provincial programs remain under the authority of the province in question. In the event that Express Entry manages your PNP program, you would need to submit an expression of interest and then be entered into a pool of prospective applicants.


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A potential benefit of applying to a PNP controlled by Express Entry is that you could be invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence for your chosen PNP program OR any other program that is governed by Express Entry. In other words, you have multiple chances to obtain your visa via because Express Entry will evaluate you for the Federal Skilled Worker program, PNPs, the Canadian Experience Class program and even the Federal Skilled Trades program.

It is important to remember that all PNPs result in the same thing, Canadian permanent residence. As a Canadian Permanent Resident, your freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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